Flight from the City of Everburning Flame

Hold the Walls
The armies of the fallen attack the walls of Olinth

Our adventuring band makes their way back to their commander and, after a brief report, are sent to man their posts on the Western walls. They are relocated to the Southern wall at the last minute, and soon find themselves in fierce combat. They are joined by two newcomers during this fight. Ekipz, a travelling Dragonborn Paladin, and Nathan Darkfire, an exiled Cinadri Nobleman. With the aid of their allies the party is able to keep their position on the wall clear of foes. After several waves of undead break upon their position, they hear the battle cries of the Guard Degrave, and a band led by Corain fights it’s way through the swarming corpse-men to the tower where the party is held. Corrain brings the party into a series of secret passages beneath the tower. Here they find themselves stalked by strange creatures that seem to be made up of molten metal or stone. A long, fierce and deadly combat rids them of these persuers and they find themselves almost through the tunnels and outside the walls of the city.

The Chaos Begins
Fighting in the streets, and mysterious messages

While Maegnas patrols the streets of Olinth, keeping order amongst the milling refugees, he hears cries of panic. Maegnas rushes towards the commotion and finds strange lizardlike creatures emerging from brownish eggs coated in a greenish ooze that occasionally spits and sputters tongues of flame. Within seconds one of these eggs has hatched. The creature that emerges has scales that emit flames in the same intermittent manner as the ooze that coated its egg, bright red eyes, and a viciously wide mouth filled with jagged rows of sharklike teeth. It stands on two legs that end in sharp claws and, while wirey, is suprisingly large, standing approximately three feet long from tail to nose and two and a half feet high. Maegnas hurls himself into combat with the beast to protect the fleeing citizenry. The sounds of combat thankfully draw more of his allies. By name: Ignus Redruby, the diplomat to Olinth from the Halfling Trade Federation, and Jacob Frostborn, a sorcerer who has recently lost his family and burns for vengeance against the beast responsible: Balmor. Together these three new companions are able to slay the creatures they face. After this they choose to stay together for safety, as they hear more sounds of battle from throughout the city. The new companions make their way to the Royal Palace, and within its couryard to a keep and an audience with Corain. When Corain recieves the letters his mood, already grim, visibly worsens and he curtly dismisses the party. After a brief debate the Halfling Ambassador elects to remain within Olinth for as long as possible and returns to the squad where he has volunteered his services.

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